Seminar Topics

Neil Mooney, customs lawyer, hosting a seminar

We offer a variety of seminars that will help your company or Trade Association gain deeper insight and knowledge into various customs and trade issues.  We will readily tailor seminars to your company or organization’s specific needs, and develop new seminars relating to the Customs law and trade issues upon request.  Our seminars may be provided live at your company’s offices, at your organization’s chosen venue, or virtually via teleconference, video conference, or other preferred methods.  To arrange for us to present a seminar to your company or organization, please contact Neil Mooney.

A few our our popular seminar topics offered include the following;

C-TPAT Registration and Training

Professional Handling of Customs Penalties

Managing Legal Risks in the Shipping and Logistics Industry

Federal Maritime Commission: Licensing, Enforcement, and Defense Issues

How to Avoid and Handle Customs Penalties?

Free Trade Agreements: Ensuring Preferential Treatment

Business Formation and Valuation

Managing Credit and Judgments in the United States and Abroad

How to Handle a Client’s Bankruptcy?